Saturday, 27 September 2008


playing at the Village Green in Chalkwell Park
Saturday 27th September 2008

You know what it’s like to sit a while in a busy place and watch the people go by. How your mind wonders as you watch them, who are they, what’s their story?

In People-Watching you are given a letter from an old acquaintance and asked to find friends of theirs in the passing crowd, with the help of some little stories describing them. It’s like a living treasure hunt, a giant game of Where’s Wally. But you won’t know for certain if you’ve found the right person or simply an interesting stranger until you hand them a piece of heather for luck and wait for them to smile.

Sign up on the day at the Village Green to play in small teams. We’ll be playing twice, once around 1pm and once around 5pm. Come and find us in our tent in the market place.

If you fancy playing as one of the friends in the crowd for one of the games, please drop a line to villagegreenpeople splat gmail dot com or leave us a message on 01702-668662.

We're looking forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,


Coney are an agency of adventure and play, and have helped make events for amongst others the National Theatre, Lift and BAC, where they are supported artists. People-Watching first ran at Come Out & Play in Amsterdam in 2007.